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Here at MayosMusic, in addition to offering great guitar, bass, ukulele, banjo and autoharp lessons, plus complete luthier services that include guitar, string instrument and amplifier repair/restorations, we are also a great resource and referal service. Below are our recommendations for Software and Mobile Apps that are great for any guitarist, including apps for: practice, performance, instruction, print and sheet music, recording, effect processing, business tools, plus stage and studio.

Practice · Performance · Instruction

  1. TC Electronic Polytune
    You can strum all your strings at the same time and this tuner instantly shows which ones need tuning.
    For: iOS

  2. GuitarToolKit 2.0
    A complete app with tuner, metronome, chord dictionary and drum machine.
    For: iOS

  3. Songsterr Guitar Tabs
    A high level app for learning and woodshedding, quality-controlled guitar tabs.
    For: iOS and Android

  4. Cleartune Chromatic Tuner
    Accurate to ±1 cent, a tone generator, transposition, adjustable calibration and different tuning temperaments
    For: iOS and Android

  5. Amazing Slow Downer
    For muscians wanting to change speeeds ranging from 25-200% without changing pitch, set loop points, change plaback pitch ±12 semitones and add EQ.
    For: Windows, Mac, iOS and Android

Print and Sheet Music

  1. Music Binder
    iTunes Store
    Song-Sheet organizer that supports PDF Files, automatic indexing of song titles.
    For: iOS

  2. Scorecerer
    Import and organize scans (jpg, pdf, tiff, etc)
    For: iPad, Kindle, PC and Mac

  3. Seescore
    A pro-level app with features of auto-scroll, metronome
    For: iPad

  4. Notion
    To compose or transcribe, a full-featured notation and tablature app
    For:iPad, Mac and PC

  5. Progression
    Also from PreSonus, software for creating and editing tab charts.
    For: iPad, Mac and PC

Recording Apps

  1. Audiofile Engineering's Fire 2 Field Recorder
    High Quality Recorder: 16-bit, 48KHz, stereo recorder with overdub capabilities, bezier fades, normalization, dc offset removal
    For: iOS

  2. Tascam PCM recorder
    This FREE app allows you to turn any iOS device into a stereo recorder with "...input and output level faders with an “on-screen” meter to help you check levels. It includes high and low EQ and a limiter to prevent overload." Recordings are saved as .wav files and can be uploaded to your computer.
    For: iOS

  3. Sonoma Wire Works Fourtrack
    4-track recorder - bounce tracks, cd-quality files, effects, file import
    For: iOS

  4. Sonoma StudioTrack
    8-Track Recorder (plus features of sonoma's wireworks fourtrack)
    For ipad

  5. MultiTrack by Harmonicdog
    Records up to 8 tracks at a time (on the iPad, two tracks on the iphone). 24-bit/96 KHz expandable to 24 tracks and works with most USB interfaces.
    For: iOS

  6. Wavemachine Auria
    Will Perform just about everything a computer-based DAW recorder can do . 48 channels, record 24 tracks simultaneously, 24-bit, 96KHz, runs VST effects (one of the best!!)
    For: iPad

  7. Garage Band
    Easy to use 8track recorder with virtual instruments and more
    For: iOS and Mac

  8. Tascam Portastudio
    an old school 4-track recorder - think: Beatles - Sargent Peppers
    For: iPad

Effects Processing

  1. Agile Partner's Ampkit+
    Sound of amps, cabinets, mics, effects, recording and re-amping, tuner, metronome plus more. Free version avaible.
    For: iOS

  2. IK MultiMedia Amplitube 2 Fender
    This App recreates a range of accurate Fender amp and FX models to practice and record with
    For: iOS

Business Tools

Stage and Studio

Note: Although most of these apps are for the Apple iOS system, many of these products are also availble for the android operating system.

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