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Things to Take to a Gig

Here at MayosMusic, in addition to offering great guitar, bass, ukulele, banjo and autoharp lessons, plus complete luthier services that include guitar, string instrument and amplifier repair/restorations, we are also a great resource service. Whether you're performing solo or in a band, here are some tips to help you prepare for a gig.

Before you head out to a gig, it's best to make a check list of what you will need to take. Make your list, gather your items, and check them off to make sure they are all packed in your vehicle and do the same before you leave the gig, and once more when you get home.

It's all too easy to forget to take something, or loose it before you get back.  You might want to print up a few copies, take one with you, leave one in the car and leave one at home.  It is a good idea to write down the makes and models/sizes of all items taken, so you have a way to prove what is yours should it come into question at a gig (band mates, other bands at the gig, and the sound guys all have gear too).  Also, take pics (and not just on the phone you take with you) of all of your gear.  Take good quality pics that show the make/model, condition, and the serial numbers.  If possible, safely open your equipment up and scribe something on the inside, like a symbol or insignia.  Along with serial numbers, this helps police to recover your gear if needed.

Here is a sample of things to take to a gig:

Amps – All the amps you use, a back-up if you're touring.

Amp Covers – One for each amp, they protect your investments.

Amp Stand – Getting your amp off the ground can improve the sound and projection.

Bandaids – You never know...

– Bring extra batteries of all types used in ALL of your gear

Business Cards
– Promote, promote, promote!  Who you are, what you do, and how to contact you.

– One for every instrument.

– Music Charts for new members, someone sitting-in, etc.

Circuit Tester
– Small cheap hand held tool to test outlets.  No one likes hum, or shocks.

– Hauling gear gets heavy, and the less trips, the safer your gear.

– Water bottles, as hydration is key to mental sharpness and good vocals.

Drink Holder
– Mic stand drink holders help so you don't have to bend down.

Extension Cords
– Bring a few.

Fingernail Clippers/File – Keep fretboard-hand nails short and maintain nails for fingerpicking.

Flash Light
– For back stage, night gigs, etc.

– Bring backup fuses for every piece of gear that uses them.

Gaffers Tape
– One roll of black, and one of white. Black holds down cables, the feet of your stands, and any gear that will slide around on stage, and white for quick labeling of gear.

Ground Adapter
– NEVER snap off the ground lug on any gear, get the cheap little ground eliminator adapter.  Bring a few just in case.

Guitar Stand – One for each instrument.

– You'd be surprised how often you'll want these.

Hard-Shell Case
– One for each instrument.

– All instruments needed for the songs played at the gig.  Back-ups are a good idea.

Instrument Cables
– Two for every instrument used (short and long), minimum.  More if pedals and such are used.

– If you use it for gigs, take it and all needed items.  If you're touring, this is a good entertainment item, as well as a quick recording/editing tool.

– One for every singer, and at least one backup for the band.

Mic Cables
– Two for every singer.

Music Stand – One per person, and an extra.

PA System
– Mixing board, pre-amps, power-amps, speaker cables, speakers, stands, a table for mixing on, adapters, etc. 

– All pedals used, extra short cables, batteries, and a bag/box/board to transport them.

Peg Winder
– For quick string changes and/or replacing that broken string mid gig.

– Making notes, and writing down song ideas.

Power Strips
– Bring a few.

Promotional Items
– Pics, shirts, CDs, posters, fliers, stickers, buttons.

– With the white gaffers tape, you can make quick labels for gear routing.

– If you play with one, bring at least two.

Smart Phone
– Calls, pics, quick recording of your song/riff ideas, entertainment, navigation, etc.

– Low blood sugar levels and hunger pains can ruin a gig all too fast. Don't eat dairy or drink sodas right before a gig... phlegm and burping aren't "note" worthy.

– Any songbooks or sheet music you need.

– Speakers for the PA system, separate head/cabs, etc.

– One for each instrument.

– Several sets for each instrument.

– Multi tools, screw drivers, pliers, cutters, etc. 

– Hauling gear, the sun, and nerves can make you sweat.  Plus a towel can be used to cover some gear from the sun, wandering eyes, and drinks.

– If your amps use them, bring backups of all types used.

– A clip-on and a quality hand held electronic tuner are vitally important.

Instructors Hot Tip:
Check and Double check your list.
PS, you don't want to be the guy asking to borrow an instrument.

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