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Here at MayosMusic, in addition to offering great guitar, bass, ukulele, banjo and autoharp lessons, plus complete luthier services that include guitar, string instrument and amplifier repair/restorations, we are also a great resource service. Below is an important list of things not to do to help keep your gear in top shape.

Hand Lotions - Don't play your guitars with hand lotion on your skin.  The chemicals in them will ruin the finish over time if you have a lacquer finished guitar.  Lotions can prevent proper repairs on many finishes, and can corrode the metal parts.

Silicates - Don't use any polishes or waxes on your guitar that have any silicates in them.  They might polish the finish well, but those silicates will prevent proper gluing of repairs, and definitely prevent finish touch-ups down the road.

Lemon Oil - Don't use lemon oil on your guitar, as it will corrode the metal on your hardware and frets, affecting gold and nickel fastest.  There are better oils like Fiddle-Bright oil and Martin brand oil, and such. 

Epoxy - Don't use epoxy to repair any part of your guitar.  There are far more appropriate glues and adhesives to use, such as Hyde Glue, quality wood glues, Cyanoacrylate glues in various thicknesses, Contact cement, and such depending on the repair or modification.  Epoxy is too thick and gets in the way of the two parts being repaired preventing proper fitment. It is not a suitable filler, and on more delicate parts it causes irreparable damage if further re-fitment is necessary.

Armor-All - Never use Armor-all on your instruments or cases.  Armor-all and all other competing brands of treatments contain Silicates, and even on your case you will inevitably spread it unknowingly to your instrument and cause future problems.  Always read labels, or look them up online with the manufacturers.

Unattended Gear - Never leave any of your gear unattended.  It is all too easy to slip up or get caught up chatting with fans or friends or fellow musicians at a gig, in a hotel/motel, at a rehearsal, or any transportation stops.  Also, don't leave anything unattended in your car.  Thieves are all too willing and cops have better things to do than look for your gear.

Lean Against An Amp - Don't lean against your amps, or lean anything against an amp.  Tall stacks can topple over and no one wants their cherished guitar to fall over and get damaged or worse yet snap the head-stock right off.  And it's easier than you might think…

Stickers and Factory Protectors - Never put stickers on your gear as they are difficult to get off and usually a time-capsule of trends. Worst of all, the adhesive from the stickers will etch and discolor the finishes.  Same goes for the factory protective film on pick-guards and plastic parts on instruments.  The cling film if left on too long can etch the plastic leaving it textured and dirty looking.

 Ground Plugs On Amps - Never… I repeat NEVER remove the ground plug on any power cord of any piece of equipment.  Always get a 3-to-2 prong adapter from a hardware store or electronics store, or look online if you need to plug in your equipment to a two prong outlet or extension cord.  The ground is there for a safety reason and should be used whenever possible.

Case-less or Bag-less Travel - Never transport your instruments without at least a quality gig-bag, or better yet a quality hard-shell case.  It's not worth the damage that could all too easily be done. 

Leaving Gear In A Hot Car - Never leave any gear in an unattended car, and especially don't leave any instruments in a hot car.  The heat in a closed car in the summer sun can reach very high temperatures causing finishes to bubble or crack, wood/plastic warpage, and worst of all can contribute to breakage of parts like the headstock.  Always cover items so they are not in direct sunlight, and on long trips, detune your stringed instruments and try and transports tube amps and instruments on seats or folded up blankets or something padded.

Over Tightening - Do not over tighten any parts on your instruments or gear.  They use small screws and bolts and can easily become stripped or worse, broken and snapped off inside the body.  Broken screw extraction is possible, but the finish will almost always show evidence of the repair.

Drinks - Never put any drinks be it alcohol, sodas, or even just water on top of your amps, cases, or instruments. The chemicals can cause finish damage, and anything dripping/spilling into an amp can quickly cause catastrophic failures, even personal harm.  It's never worth the risk.

Contact Cleaners - Don't use contact cleaners on amps or guitars that is not safe for plastics, and always spot check as a test first.  You don't want to go melting parts inside you amp or pedals, or the finish on your instruments.  Always check the labels.

Synthetic Rags - Never use synthetic materials on the instruments finishes.  Only use 100% cotton, silk, super soft linen or hemp.  Anything synthetic will put micro scratches or worse, highly visible scratches in your instruments finish.  If using paper towels, try and only use the softest kind you can find.  It's worth spending a little more for better quality and safety.

Dairy and Sodas - don't drink or eat any dairy or drink any sodas right before a recording session or a live gig.  Between phlegm and burping it's distracting and disrespectful at least and can ruin your pitch and range at worst. 
Instructors Hot Tip:
Reread this article - and don't let me ever tell you "I told you so!!"

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