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Here at MayosMucis, in addition to offereing great guitar, bass, ukulele, banjo and autoharp lessons, plus complete luthier services that include guitar, string instrument and amplifier repair/restorations, we are also a great resource service. The article below is for the bass player. It covers the combining of bass effect pedals to get a more versatile bass sound.

Today, the modern bass player has at his/her disposal many bass effect pedals. It is true that many bass players do use guitar effect pedals and some will work just fine with the bass. However, because the tonal range and harmonic characteristics of basses are different from the guitar, the use of guitar effects with your bass will very often make the bass sound muddy and cause a loss of power and clarity. Not what you want.

Because of these negative sound changes, many designers and manufacturers have designed and developed specific bass effect pedals. Most of these bass pedals are designed to affect only the harmonics of the bass sound and not the fundamentals of the bass sound. Harmonics are at the upper end of the frequency range.

When combining multiple bass effects to achieve a total command and versitile bass sound, please note the following points:

  1. Bass instrument to a “bass limiter” pedal which will even out the dynamic levels (useful with slapping style) and essential for recording.
  2. Next connect (1) or more equalizers to precisely shape your sound and add more dynamics.
  3. Other effects may be connected now.
    1. Use a chorus for a more spacious sound and when soloing
    2. Use a flanger for more power and a harder attack of your sound
    3. Delays, overdrive and distortion are usually reserved for that special effect in the song/recording
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