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Here at MayosMusic, in addition to offering great guitar, bass, ukulele, banjo and autoharp lessons, we are also a complete luthier service that includes guitar/bass, all string instruments plus amplifier, studio, stage, sound reinforcement and guitar effect electronics repairs/restorations.

Below are pictures of a "one-of-a-kind" customized Yamaha Pacifica Electric Guitar. We started with a new Yamaha Pacifica and preceded to modify and build this "one-off" special electric guitar. This Yamaha was a good candidate for such a modification because it has a solid wood body (no plywood), one piece maple neck (that was dead-on straight), and a solid tremelo unit. The tuning keys were replaced with Grover tuners. However, we kept the original pick guard.

All of the pick-ups were changed including all wiring, pots, switches, jacks, cap., etc. The custom wiring required extensive routing of the body's cavity, plus design and fabrication of a pick guard extension control pannel. The guitar's body cavity and pickguard were sheilded.

Overview of the mods to this customized Pacifica are:

Note: The final build allows the player to plug this guitar into three different amps as it has three independent out-out jacks.

The guitar also received a full set-up including fret dressing (top and polish).


These pictures show the work-in-progress on this Yamaha Pacifica. Showing: the various designs of the extension pickguard (we made cardboard cut-outs to get a good visual look), routing of the body with protective tape, sheilding of the body, wiring, the ghost pick-up system at the bridge.


These photos show the finished Yamaha Pacifica Custom Mods. The Pacifica has three New pick-ups, ghost pick-up system, numerous switching and volume and tone controls added plus three independent out-put jacks

Maybe I do need an MIT or Cal-Tech degree to operate the guitar. Nah- Plug it in an' go for it!!

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