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Fender Telecaster with Custom Modified Electronics


Here at MayosMusic, in addition to offering great guitar, bass, ukulele, banjo and autoharp lessons, we are also a complete luthier service that includes guitar/bass, all string instruments plus amplifier, studio, stage, sound reinforcement and guitar effect electronics repairs/restorations.

Below are the pictures of the repair and modification of a Fender Telecaster Electric Guitar. The guitar was near-new, however, the owner wanted something a little different. The Tele received a complete tear-down, including fret dressing and polish, action set-up with intonation and complete body shielding (to eliminate Hiss and Hum and radio-wave noise.) The pick-ups were changed to humbucking type (4-wire + shield) and of a design to fit the original Tele pick-gaurd openings. These are the only pictures I took.


These pictures show the electric control modifications which were performed on this Telecaster.
1. 4-way Tele switch
2. Volume control with treble bleed circuit
3. Series-split-parallel mini switches/pick-up
4. Phase switch on the tone control (Push-pull type)

Note the workmanship: Clean solder points, shielded leads braided wire to further help eliminate buzz and hum. Plus all parts are of the highest quality.

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