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Here at MayosMusic, in addition to offering great guitar, bass, ukulele, banjo and autoharp lessons, we are also a complete luthier service that includes guitar/bass, all string instruments plus amplifier, studio, stage, sound reinforcement and guitar effect electronics repairs/restorations.

Below are pictures of the repair and restoration of a 60's Gibson J50 acoustic guitar. This guitar has been played and performed with over the decades, mostly in church worship services. The guitar belongs to my cousin Mark who lives in Central Calif.. The guitar was put on the floor and accidentally stepped backedwards onto.

Damage was extensive: Top/soundboard crushed, and with many cracks, internal braces broken, snapped off and loose, breaks and cracks on the back. Also, the guitar was quite dirty and with corrosion on the metal parts (tuning keys frets etc).

Repairs were done in this order:

  1. Pre Cleaning
  2. Structural repairs 1st - top and back cracks, braces, etc.
  3. Action set-up - truss rod adjustment, nut and saddle adjustment, fret dressing (top and polish)
  4. R&R tuning key (Clean, straighten shafts, polish, lube)
  5. Finish repairs (touch-up, seal, etc)
  6. Final polish-out of finish
  7. Restring with final set-up

This guitar has been repaired and is back with the owner (my cousin Mark) It is again being played at church worship services and family gatherings. At this time, these before repair pictures are the only pictures I have of this Gibson J-50. Look for pictures of this repaired J-50 Gibson in the future.


The before pictures show the condition, extensive damage to the top, back, internal braces, etc.

This J-50 Gibson is a workhorse of a guitar, it may take a lickin' - but just keep on pickin'!!

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