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At MayosMusic we offer Private, Semi-Private and Group guitar, bass, ukulele, banjo, fretted instrument and auto-harp lessons. Plus, we are a complete luthier service that includes guitar and amplifier repairs/restorations. Through the years we have been asked numerous "Guitar Lesson" and "Guitar Repair" related questions (many repeatedly) by new/current/old and prospective students and customers. Here is our answer to: What do all these weird foreign names (musical terms) in music mean?

General Terms
Accelerando: Gradually going faster
Accent: Dynamic sharp attack indicated by >
Allargando: Decreasing tempo
Atempo: Resuming original tempo after altering it
Cantabile: Song-like
Crescendo: Gradually louder
Da Capo: From the beginning
Decrescendo: Gradually softer
Diminuendo: Same as Decrescendo
Fermata: Pausing when the symbol is placed over a note
Forte: Loud
Fortissimo: Very Loud
Glissando: Sliding from one note to another
Legato: Smooth
Mosso: Moved
Pianissimo: Very Soft
Piano: Soft
Pianoforte: Soft then loud
Quasi: Almost
Rallentando: Gradually slowing tempo, often while getting louder
Ritardando: (Rit.) gradually slowing
Ritenuto: Hold Back, or sudden slowing of tempo
Sforzando: Accented (forced)
Sordino: Mute
Stingendo: Pressing faster
Subito: Suddenly
Tacet: Silent
Tempo Primo: Back to the original tempo
Tenuto: Sustaining a note or chord

Assai: Very
Con: With
Meno: Less
Molto: Very
Non Troppo: Not too much
Piu: More
Poco: Slightly

Mood Indicators
Animato: Animated
Agitato: Agitated
Cupo: Dark or Somber
Dolce: Sweetly
Espressivo: Expressive
Grandioso: Grand
Grave: Solemn
Grazioso: Gracefully
Maestoso: Majestically
Morendo: Dying away
Solenne: Solemn
Sostenuto: Sustained
Spiritoso: Spirited
Tranquillo: Tranquil, calm
Vivace: Lively

Tempo Markings
Lento: Very slowly (40-66 bpm)
Adagio: Slowly (66-76 bpm)
Andante: Walking (76-108 bpm)
Moderato: Moderately (108-116 bpm)
Allegro: Cheerful and quick (116-168 bpm)
Presto: Fast (168-208 bpm)

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