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Resonator Guitar Anatomy Index

Here at MayosMusic, in addition to offering great guitar/bass lessons and complete luthier services that includes guitar and amplifier repairs/restorations, we are also a great resource service. Below is an anatomy index for the Resonator Guitar.

Note: Whereas the Resonator Guitar does share many of the same anatomy parts and names of the regular steel string guitar (ie. head, neck, fingerboard, body, etc.) this index will only cover those special/unique parts of the Resonator Guitar.

Resonator Cone - Usually a hand-spun aluminum alloy cone (much like the cone of a speaker) and set in the top or face of the guitar.
Spider Bridge type for Dobro's
Buscuit Bridge type for Nationals

Spider Bridge - Typical design used with 1930's Dobro #14 spider.

Coverplate for Spider Bridge - Nickel or chromeplated steel that covers the spider bridge.

Inverted Resonator Cone - A resonator cone that fits a biscuit bridge.

Biscuit Bridge - Wood disc with an integral bridge saddle.

Extension Nut - Metal V-shaped nut that over-lays the instrument's nut (and without removing the nut) and that raises the strings. Used when playing slide styles.

Soundhold Screens - Metal screens (nickel or chromeplated) that cover the soundholes of a woodbody Dobro type Resonator Guitar.

Tailpiece - A tailpiece is used on all Dobro or National type Resonator Guitars.

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