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Benefits of Music/Guitar Lessons

At MayosMusic we offer Private, Semi-Private and Group guitar, bass, ukulele, banjo, fretted instrument and auto-harp lessons. Plus, we are a complete luthier service that includes guitar and amplifier repairs/restorations. Through the years we have been asked numerous "Guitar Lesson" and "Guitar Repair" related questions (many repeatedly) by new/current/old and prospective students and customers. Here is our answer to: What are the benefits of music/guitar lessons?

The benefits of taking formal music lessons at any age (especially for children) has been proven time and again in study after study, by universities and science research centers all over the world.  The benefits are small and large, short and long term, simple and deeply impacting. 

Children (for parents) - Starting music lessons for your child is beneficial in countless ways. Musical sounds are some of the first external stimuli an infant responds to.  Children instinctively add music into most games they play.  Activities involving music help young children develop memory, visual, aural and language skills, timing, and physical coordination.  It is also beneficial for a child's mental concentration, and increases social and personal awareness.  Instrumental (guitar, bass, etc) music lessons also offer sequential learning, where short term goals, easily achieved skills, and simple lessons, build up a sense of accomplishment and confidence in your child.  Students learn that by going step-by-step and with repetition, their goals are achievable.  Science has shown that the earlier you integrate music and music lessons into a child’s life, the greater the impact and the more natural the influence seems.  Often what some people refer to as “natural talent” is actually achievement, hard work, determination and early integration, rather than some innate potential.   So, we all want the best for our children, that’s why we put them into as many activities as possible, like sports, dance, swimming lessons, groups like boy scouts / girl scouts, and/or more importantly, music lessons. 

High School/College - For children of all ages, music lessons are also a great investment into their future.  Besides all the great skills and developmental benefits, music can open doorways into everything from college, to jobs and careers.    I am not just referring to a career in the music industry either, but everything, everywhere.  Often it is said that it is as important who you know not just what you know… well music is a social skill, which helps people connect and bond with common interests, and fosters networking.  In my personal experience, I have known several people who were accepted into college based solely on their musical skills.  They went to college based on being a music major, but once there, changed their majors to what they really wanted to do.  Music was their ticket into college…and led them to their path and to their eventual careers… in spite of it not being in music. 

Adults - For older students, music lessons offer not just a personal goal and interest, but a means to foster socializing and involvement.  Becoming a member of a band can build friendships and bonds that last a lifetime.  Being able to play in your church or house of worship, is a great way to get involved, connect and socialize with members of your community and increase your circle of friends.  It’s a great way to meet new people.

Final Note:
Playing Music is fun and rewarding. Starting lessons on the guitar, electric bass guitar, ukulele, banjo, mandolin, or autoharp will get you to your goal and everyone can do it.

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